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Dunross is the European industry leader in Multilingual recruitment for Shared Service, BPO and Contact Centers. We recruit candidates with English plus at least one other European language for roles in customer service, technical support, sales, accounting, finance, collections, logistics, marketing, HR etc…

Our consultants can source candidates with any European language, however we have a particular focus on German, Dutch and the Nordic languages.

While we are based in Prague we operate on a Europe wide basis meaning we work with companies and candidates across all of Europe.

Why Choose Dunross as your Recruitment Partner?

Second to none sourcing

Second to none sourcing

We do not just rely on the stock standard job board ads to find candidates. We function more like a digital marketing company running campaigns across social media (Facebook, TikTok, etc), create landing pages for candidates to apply directly as well as run Google Ads campaigns.

Second to none sourcing

We are not just a 9 to 5 operation

We offer candidates maximum convenience by running shifts so that they can book interviews with our recruiters not just during the working day but also evenings 5pm to 10pm and weekends 11am to 5pm.

Second to none sourcing

One way video interviews

Candidates answer a small sample of questions in front of their laptop or mobile device with the video recording them. You can access these at your convenience and save time by getting a better picture of the candidate before deciding whether to invite them for an interview.

Second to none sourcing


Multilingual recruitment isn’t just one of the things we do, it’s all we do!

Second to none sourcing

Market leading use of technology

Dunross utilises automation software and video technology to help source, process, inform and communicate with candidates. This enables us to manage a large volume of candidates in the shortest possible time.

Second to none sourcing

Europe wide searching

Dunross utilises automation software and video technology to help source, process, inform and communicate with candidates. This enables us to manage a large volume of candidates in the shortest possible time.

Second to none sourcing

Our 6 step recruitment plan

We’ve adopted this from sales philosophy. In sales you don’t always get a deal on your first contact and the same goes for recruitment. Many candidates may not respond on the initial approach, but by using our 6 step plan we can achieve increased returns at each step.

Second to none sourcing

Our Experience

Dunross has been in operation since 2004 and has dealt with both candidates and clients from across the EU since day 1.

Recruit multilingual talent easily with our solutions!

Try out our powerful and efficient service today and experience the results for yourself!

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The assistance that I received from agent Mike was nothing short of flawless. He was always available, proficient, and easy to communicate with. His troubleshooting skills and help really made a difference and everything escalated smoothly.


I am so happy to have met Mike. From the first moment, he really did everything to make me feel comfortable during the application process. He was always available for me. Now we are starting a new life in Athens.


Dunross and Mike exceeded my expectations for recruitment agencies. Their dedication and professionalism made the process seamless and enjoyable. I highly recommend them for anyone in need of recruitment services.


Mike is amazing. He helped me the whole way through with everything, every little question I had, and never had anyone reply to my emails as quickly as he did. I definitely recommend Dunross Recruitment.


Working with Dunross was a truly fantastic experience. Mike was always there to answer my questions and provide guidance every step of the way. I couldn't have asked for a better recruitment agency.


From the start, everything went very smoothly and fast. Every question I had was answered really fast. The contact with Mike was very good, professional, and fast. Mike, thank you for all the help with the transfer to my new job. It made it all a lot easier.


The expertise and dedication of this talent recruitment agency is unsurpassed. They go above and beyond to match qualified candidates with the perfect job opportunity.


With no doubt, Dunross is the best agency I have ever used. They are extremely professional and reliable. I can't thank Mike enough for the support he gave me, also I was impressed by how fast he was in responding to every concern I had.


Mike and the team at Dunross were very helpful. They were answering all our questions whenever we needed them. I got my job opportunity first, and then asked Mike if there was something for my partner as well, and he found it! He is amazing! Thank you guys very much!


It was a pleasure to cooperate with such a pleasant and nice person like Mike! He helped me with every single step to get this opportunity. So thank you very much!


I had the pleasure of working with Mike at Dunross and I must say, he exceeded all of my expectations. He was professional, knowledgeable, and always available to help. I would highly recommend Dunross and Mike to anyone looking for a new job opportunity.


Working with Dunross has been an absolute pleasure. Our HR team was impressed by the level of professionalism and reliability shown by Mike and his team. Their quick response times and ability to find the right fit for our company has made our recruitment process a smooth and efficient experience. We highly recommend Dunross for all of your recruitment needs


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